Josephine Crawford Lavin
Here’s a photo I snapped of her with her namesake, my sister Josephine Lavin Patrick.
Here's the Geneva-on-the-Lake video. The amazing thing about that night is that when I called to make the reservation for 6 PM, they asked if it could be 6:30.  
I didn't know til I asked later that the reason why they did that was that they had no reservations that night and had told the harpist not to come in.  But when I called and made a reservation they knew the harpist lived a half hour away (it was 5 PM when I called) and they wanted to give her time to get there.
My Mom and I were the ONLY diners that night -- they lit all the candles on the tables and it was just the two of us.  I was so glad I had brought my camera with me.  I don't know if I would have filmed if there were other diners there.  They were so nice to us.
I included another one, a short slide film with music.  Many late afternoons we'd go to Wegman's.  Because of her short term memory deficit she never remembered anyone, but all the employees understood and were happy to stop by and say hello -- it meant so much to her.  
- Christine Lavin