Margaret Lundy

My mother came to live with me the last 5 years of her life. My father had died 3 years before of Parkinson's with dementia. She did the majority of his caregiving and kept it to herself until the last year. The time my mother was living with me was the best time of my life. As wonderful and as hard a time as I'll ever know. I wouldn't change a thing except to have her longer. I miss her every day. My mother was a strong, graceful, caring, intelligent woman. A former codebreaker in the Enigma Project in WWII. A transplant from Scotland to Mississippi in the 1950's, she brought her elegance and style and sense of humor to the hot, muggy Delta. When we had those last years, we finally got to do some of the things she missed from her time living in Europe. We went to the symphony, plays, opera, good restaurants, and short trips to New Orleans and the Florida beaches. She was 89 when she died in 2009. Thank God, she only had 6 months of suffering. She died in my living room where I had set up a hospice area. Jonatha, your songs help me with the mourning of my parents. Thank you so much. 

Sinclair Lundy