Dr. Peter Gott

My mother does not have four noses, but I wouldn't be surprised if my father, while in the midst of being ravaged by the debilitating hallucinations of Parkinson's Disease, believed that he did. 

What happens when the child becomes the parent? Fear happens, and sadness, and guilt, and confusion, and about a thousand other things. But in the end, we all must go down this road, and the lucky among us will be able to look back upon these days and remember, with a mixture of emotions, what it feels like to love truly and deeply—and to be loved in return.
I am so grateful to have discovered My Mother Has 4 Noses. It is a show that reflects the highs and the lows of one of the most difficult parts of my life. Through her story, Jonatha reminds all of us that we are who we are because of, not in spite of, our families. Those eccentricities that made us cringe and yell as teenagers are, all of a sudden, the eccentricities that make us shake our heads in wonder and respect as adults. I am so grateful to Jonatha for sharing her story with all of us and for allowing me, a fan and now a friend, to come along for the ride.
Dad loved the theatre, and he would have loved My Mother Has 4 Noses. I am not certain of much these days, but I am certain of this.
- Ben Gott